The World University Games

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For me this summer was extra long as I not only went to France for our Eurobasket campaign with our Women’s National Team but also went to Kazan in Russia to the Universiade (the World University Games) with our U23 Women’s National Team. Jumping from one big event to another could drain you, but could also make you gain energy. For me it was the latter, and maybe so because I already experienced one Universiade in Shenzhen, China, two years ago.

 Everything about a Universiade is huge. The Universiade Village, the restaurant, all the athletes from all over the world, the opening ceremony and all the sport events. But what’s crazy is how quick you adapt to it. I was in China two years ago and then went to watch the “real” Olympics in London last summer. The whole experience in Kazan was not as huge as I can imagine it was for people experience something like that for the first time. Now it sounds like I didn’t think it was anything special, but don’t get me wrong. I really think it was a huge event, magnificent with a great organization and lots of people doing everything to turn it into a perfect sport event. But what I’m saying is that I’m getting used to it…. and I really like it! I already look forward to the next Universiade in South Korea 2015 and I hope I have a chance to go there too.

Kazan Basket Hall After the game against Canada I was interviewed by a Russian Sport paper where they asked me what the secret of the Swedish Women’s Basketball is. They asked me and said before this summer no one really knew about Swedish Basketball. But after making Russia go home from Eurobasket in France and then our U23 team playing great and pressuring Russia in the group final they asked what is the key for success. Of course it’s fun to hear people saying good things about us and I’m really proud that our program is being recognized at the international stage. But the answer is not easy and not only one person or team should take credit for all the hard work a lot of people do day in and day out and have done for years to make the players good and ready to perform on this level.


Anyway, here is the link to the article (it’s in Russian so could be a little difficult to understand it, and Google Translate is not really doing a great job translating it I must say): 


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