Going to The Olympics

I have like many other sport interested people all over the world followed the Olympic Games on TV, Internet, smartphone and so on the last week. It has been great so far and I have been really hooked on the swimming competitions. Most of the swimmers look like aliens yes, but the atmosphere, the competitions, the small margins of error and the huge crowd inside the whale formed arena all together blend into something really special.

As many of you readers might know my main sport interest is basketball, a huge sport in the world and probably the number one team sport in the Olympics with all the mega stars on the Team USA (men and women) but also on most of the other teams. I am lucky to have a chance to attend four games in the Men’s competition and four games in the Women’s competition. Tonight men’s games Spain-GB and USA-Nigeria will be interesting of course.

On Friday four women’s games are on the schedule with Russia-Australia as a key game that could for sure go to overtime to determine the winner. Team USA will wrap up tomorrow’s evening taking on Czech. The latter containing a couple of players who participated in last year’s Universiade (U23) in Shenzhen when we beat them with Team Sweden. All together watching these games LIVE will give me great inputs glancing ahead to next year’s EuroBasket women 2013 where we will compete with Sweden for the first time in 25 years.

Saturday I’m really looking forward to the Spain-Russia game. Two great European teams filled up with superstars. Russia coached by David Blatt (Maccabi Tel Aviv) for the last couple of years has clearly put his touch on a team who plays well together, with lots of big mobile players giving them flexibility. Spain is Spain, speed and size in a perfect mix. They clearly have their mission clear: “Gold medal game vs USA” – maybe the last chance for the golden 80-generation to challenge USA for the Olympic Gold.

USA are the favorites in both competitions but the fight for the other spot in the final will be a crucial race for many teams and if (!) USA would not reach the finals that would be a huge setback for them.

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