To help people grow

As I start speaking about “to grow” people will assume, due to my passion for basketball, that I talk about growing in height, in centimeters. But this time I mean to grow as a person, as an individual, to strive to reach one’s maximum potential within a field or multiple fields.

I just love to be in the middle of this process, for example when working with young players in our basketball region camps (13-15 year olds) where youngsters with ambitions and huge dreams are gathered. To be able to help and direct them without locking and limiting them in their own development. Actually this is no difference of how it’s to work with people in general in sports or in daily life.

There is always a fine thread between succeeding or not and the challenge is to make people receptive and eager to learn instead of feeling threatened and in underdog positions. Everything is about creating an environment where feedback feels constructive and positive even if it “might hurt” because it is just the truth and sometimes the truth really hurts to hear.

Here follows some more articles from my friend Sefu Bernard’s webpage theLLaBB in the subject of praising and giving feedback:

Finally I would like to say that I’m not proud of my lack of posts and updates on this blog. I will try to be better from now on.

/ David


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