Brett Kilka goes creative with physical training

Today I found this great article on The LLABB regarding physical work-out for kids. Brett Kilka, shows in this video how to make physical work-out fun and creative and I just love how he takes off together with the kids on the surf-boards going over different basic movement and coordination skills. This is actually high level of teaching and fundamental skill work.

Brett Kilka is talking about “building physical intelligance”. Sefu Bernard talks about “Physical literacy“. The descriptions might float together, but what it is all about is that in every sport there are some basic movement patterns needed to be learn; jumping, running, starting, stopping, throwing and catching etc.

With great fundamentals the athelete can later reach for higher levels in the chosen sport where he or she might want to strive for excellence. But it is not only about striving to reach the top, with great fundamentals the chances for a kid or teenager to stay in sports or when they get older try another sport are much higher.


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