Messina: “5 things a post player needs to do to play”

Yesterday I was writing about young Jonas Valanciunas and gave him credit for his screen setting skills. In this article written by my friend Sefu Bernard on The LLABB – the art & science of player development he brings up clinic notes from Ettori Messina.

Here are the five (5) questions any coach or young post player must be able to answer ‘Yes!’ to in order to be able to be a contributor on their basketball team.

Can the young post player…
1) Score in the fast break?
2) Control his body balance on an offensive rebound?
3) Make his foul shots?
4) Handle contact?
5) Be in the right position on defense?

Ettore Messina says that if s/he can accomplish these skills that post player can now stay in the game and be a positive contributor to the team. As a basketball coach, it’s our job to protect our developing ‘bigs’ by developing these skills in them so that they can be in a position to develop.

Read the whole article on


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