writes about Swedish Basketball

On there is an article published regarding the Swedish Basketball, Jonas Jerebko and future talents in Sweden. Me and Tommie Hansson, both of us working with the National U15 program where one of the purposes is to find future NT players. Below are some parts of the article. Follow the link above to read the whole article.

When talking to these two Swedish basketball enthusiasts, I wanted to know what is the impact of Jonas Jerebko in general and what they consider as the main reasons for the recent upwards trend. Leman adds the following concerning this point.

I wouldn’t say that its only a “Jerebko-effect” even though his publicity of course is a positive factor and it helps young players to believe in their dreams. The upward trend has of course many reasons: I think the program by itself with regional selection/education in the age group U15 together with the U16-U18-U20 program with camps every year at specific times are key factors. The youth NT program has become more and more serious and it looks the same from year to year which gives it a professional impression to the players, parents and clubs.

I would also say that the success on the women youth side also helps out. All the youth women’s team advanced to the A-division the last couple of years and of course the boys want to do the same. Basketball was big in Sweden in the 70s and 80s and the generation that played at that time now has children growing up playing basketball. A lot of players grow up in an environment where the knowledge about basketball is bigger. Some grow up with parents who played and some maybe just play in the same group where there are formers players coaching or working in the clubs.


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