Swedish Basketball League: Top 25 – Rkg

Below is a top list of the top 25 players according to the player efficiency where the different categories in the statistics is taken into consideration. The numbers are the average Rkg for the whole season. This column in the statistics is not calculated when you check the Swedish Basketball League’s homepage but I’ve got the numbers through the program Stats2Win provided by Scout2Win where the Swedish Basketball League has been added along the European Leagues and some of the top National Leagues around Europe.

Swedish Basketball League: Top 25 – Rkg (Player efficiency)

Ranking Player name Team Rkg
1 Palm M. Boras Basket 21.8
2 Rush L. Gothia Basket 19.1
3 Spagrud A. Sundsvall Dragons 18.6
4 Williamson J. Plannja Basket 18.4
5 Kjellbom J. Norrkoping Dolphins 17.1
6 McKnight B. Plannja Basket 16.1
7 Watt G. Uppsala Basket 15.9
8 Konare I. Jamtland Basket 15.3
9 Sigurdarson J. Sundsvall Dragons 15.0
10 Mitchell A. Solna Vikings 14.6
11 Jonzen F. Uppsala Basket 14.6
12 Rosendahl J. Plannja Basket 14.6
13 Klaric D. ecoOrebro 14.5
14 Carter R. Gothia Basket 14.1
15 Gervin G. Norrkoping Dolphins 13.8
16 Walker W. Sodertalje Kings 13.5
17 Crone B. Sodertalje Kings 12.8
18 Todic M. Sundsvall Dragons 12.8
19 Akingbade D. Jamtland Basket 12.8
20 Pleick A. ecoOrebro 12.7
21 Blom J. 08 Stockholm HR 12.3
22 Myrthil L. Solna Vikings 11.9
23 Akesson J. Plannja Basket 11.9
24 Dumbliauskas S. Solna Vikings 11.3
25 Mbemba R. Solna Vikings 11.3

Jonathan Skjoldebrand (Södertälje Kings), 18.5 ranked #5, and Martin Ringström (Gothia Basket), 17.3 ranked #6, have been taking out of the top 25 because they only played a few games in the beginning of the season for their teams and in my opinion shouldn’t be on a top list.

Below is more information about Stats2Win from the www.Scout2Win.com homepage:

Scout2win was established in 1999 to provide scout services and statistical analysis to the  basketball community including coaches, team  managers, players, and agents. The founder of the company is Daniel Gutt a basketball coach and scouter who has been working with high level European teams e.g. Maccabi Tel Aviv, Dynamo Moscow, Efes Pilsen and the Russian National Team, as well as with great coaches such as David Blatt, Neven Spahija, Zvika Sherf and Renato Pascuali.

During the years the company has managed to develop a fast and easy way for users to produce and analyze statistical reports of all kinds, including customized reports in order to establish a higher and more reliable standard of professional scouting. Among the company’s customers are Maccabi Tel Aviv, Olympiacos, Cajasol Sevilla, Dynamo Moscow, Ricoh Manresa, Efes Pilsen, Maccabi Haifa, Aris BC and more.


Track team and player stats from the leading basketball leagues in the world (NBA, D-League, Euroleague, ULEB Cup, Spain, Italy, Greece, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Germany, France, Australia and more).
Generate and print over 100 complete stats reports.
Create your own set of customized reports.
On line updating by provider.
Ease of use and turnaround time.

During these days we are launching new and more advanced software which can be used free until the end of the current season.


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