Jonas Jerebko – play of the game

Jonas Jerebko had another great game with his Pistons in the 98-94 victory at home versus the Wizards. I watched the game on TV and the commentators just kept talking about the Swedish NBA-player Jonas Jerebko and I must say he was caught by the camera a lot during his 38 minutes of playing time. Jonas had his second double double, 10 points and 11 rebounds. He plays so hard and he really sacrifice himself out on the court. He cuts and he runs the floor even if he doesn’t get the pass, he goes for every rebound, he dives on the loose balls.

Detroit Pistons is fun team to watch. They have good ball movement and they cut and penetrate a lot. The intensity in the game is high and when the team will learn to master the tempo and get at better feeling when its time to push the ball and run and when its better to control it they will cut their turn-overs down I’m sure.

In the first half Jonas Jerebko had the “play of the game” as he made a very difficult reverse layup off the glass.


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