Steve Nash is great!

I went to see my first NBA game LIVE at Sunday afternoon in Air Canada Center in Toronto. The game was close in the first half, Toronto only trailing with 1 point at the break, 49-50. So far the game had been about Steve Nash for the Suns and about the big guys in Toronto, Bosh and Bargnani (54 points together this evening). In the third quarter the home team couldn’t keep up with Nash and his team mates. I think Raptors were behind with as much as 17-18 points. But they came back and the game was on the line in the fourth quarter. Raptors had momentum and got a few stops in a row and if I remember right they were only behind with 6 points. But they missed their chances in offense and instead the visiting team could increase the lead in the last minutes of the game and the final score was 94-113.

Defensively this wasn’t maybe the game to see but offensively it was a great game and I’m talking about a great game from the Phoenix point of view.  They pushed the ball, they attacked the basket, got the ball inside, and they passed the ball the extra pass to get the wide open shot and they had Nash….. He just kept feeding his team-mates with great passes, so easy but still so efficient! This is the guy for young basketball players to study and to learn from. Nash played 34 minutes and had 20 points and 16 assists (and only 3 turnovers). This is Mr Efficiency personalized. Another thing I’m impressed about is how active he is on the side when he is subbed out of the game. He is staying warm and stretching and moving to be ready to jump into the game again.

Earlier I posted a about Steve Nash shooting drill on this page >> Check it out

The other big satisfaction of the evening was Jonas Jerebko in the Pistons – Hawks game a few hours west. In the Palace (Detroit) Jonas played 42 minutes and had a double double (10 points, 11 rebounds) and was a key factor in the first win after a long 0-7 loosing streak. His coach, his team mates and his fans are satisfied and he has evolved into a real NBA player in t his short time.

During the afternoon in Air Canada Center I had a chance to meet and talk some to Mike Mackay, Manager of Coach Education and Development at Canada Basketball. I will meet him later this week and I think this will be interesting to share ideas and learn more how they work in Canada.

Keep your eyes open for some new interesting stories I will share with you guys during the upcoming 2 weeks of my stay here in Toronto.’

Expressen: Stabil Jerebko i Pistons segermatch


2 thoughts on “Steve Nash is great!

  1. David,

    I am curious on your opinion of the Canadian University players. Hopefully you get to watch some practices or matches during your stay.

    “Oh Canada
    Our home and native land

    • Hi Mike! I watched a practice at York University (in Toronto) last evening. It’s difficult to tell the level compared to others but there were some players for sure who I believe could go and play in Europe within a couple of years. Some of them had European passports so that will help these guys.

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