Jerebko lead his Pistons

Jonas Jerebko played 34 minutes in the home game against Los Angels Clippers. This evening he got more out of his offensive game than ever before in the NBA and lead his Pistons in scoring with a 22-point career high. On we can read the game article from last night:

Earlier in the week, Jerebko had said he hadn’t yet shown the tip of the iceberg with regard to his offensive game and lamented that he hadn’t found a rhythm or gained confidence. But he showed off his versatility with the four triples, some back-door cuts for layups, a baby hook in the lane and a drive that ended with him contorting his body in mid-air and switching hands for a right-handed bank shot.

Jerebko scored 12 points in the fourth quarter to keep the Pistons close while playing a career-high 34 minutes. He added five boards and made a beautiful interior pass to Wallace for a three-point play that pulled the Pistons within three with 1:07 to play.

“Jonas played great tonight,” Bynum said. “We always know one thing with Jonas – we’re going to get 110 percent effort every time. Jonas has just been great all season. It doesn’t surprise me at all. When he first got here in the summer, he was playing extremely well offensively. There’s ups and downs when you’re a rookie. It’s not going to be easy from day one, but he works extremely hard and he’s going to be fine.”

Unfortunately Jonas and his Pistons lost the game, giving them a 0-7 record on the last 7 games. It was a close game all the way into crunch-time but the Clippers stayed ahead. An other interesting remark is together with Jonas Jerebko another rookie started the game last night, Austin Daye who also got a lot of credits on the Pistons homepage.

Expressen: 22 poäng av Jonas Jerebko


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