The Pistons beat the 76ers


In the winning game against the Philadelphia 76ers at home in the Palace in Detroit Jonas Jerebko started again. The Pistons won with 88-81 and took their 3rd win for the season. On the Pistons homepage Jonas Jerebko is credited for his solid defense and his contribution on the floor:

He didn’t get on the floor in the fourth quarter, but Jerebko did enough in the first three to further the Pistons’ confidence in their ability to stay afloat for however long Prince needs to heal from the ruptured disc discovered by a weekend MRI exam.Jerebko finished with 10 points and five boards in 22 minutes, but the biggest thing was the rock-solid defense he continues to play. This time he was going up against Philly’s immensely talented third-year forward, Thaddeus Young, holding him to just 10 points and six boards on 4 of 13 shooting.

“You see him get those extra possessions, those are key offensive rebounds and put-backs,” Kuester said. “They can change the momentum of a basketball game.”

These are big words about our Swedish NBA-player but this was not enough for Jonas Jerebko who put himself on the Daily Top 10 of Sunday on NBA TV.  Watch the Top 10 on and Jerebko nailed the 1st spot with a great tip-in dunk!

I want to give some credits to another player from the southern parts of the League. Steve Nash had 21 points and 20 assists in his last game and 11 points and 17 assists in this week-end’s game. What about that? That’s some crazy numbers! View his 20th assists!

swedish_small DN: Jerebko satte tio nya poäng

swedish_small Sportbladet: Tio nya poäng av Jonas Jerebko


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