Jerebko started for the Pistons


In the winning game, 85-80, against the Orlando Magic, the Swedish NBA-player Jonas Jerebko started the game for the Detroit Pistons with the mission the play defense on Vince Carter. As some of us knows Jonas he will always come out with lots of energy and always play hard on both ends of the floor. I am really happy to see that a player like that gets a chance to start a game in the NBA and even if Jonas didn’t score he stayed on the floor for 25 minutes getting 5 rebounds and one block. This shows how important he was for the team and for the success in the game. I believe the fact that he left the game scoreless just shows even more his value.

Coach Keuster:

“Joe Dumars, we were talking today, what a great opportunity for a lot of these young players that we have so much confidence in – this was a total team effort,” Kuester said. “I thought Jonas did a great job. He didn’t know until this morning that he was going to start. He brings an energy to this team that I really like.”

Tonight the Pistons play against the Toronto Raptors in Toronto and probably and hopefully we will see Jonas start this game too. Will we see him start against the Turkey National Team player Turkoglu (last year in Orlando) or will he match up against someone else? The game starts at 7 PM ET.

In the Swedish newspapers there are plenty of articles about Jonas Jerebko’s first game as a starter.

swedish_small Aftonbladet: Jerebko från start när Pistons vann

swedish_small DN: Jerebko spelade från start

swedish_small Jerebko startade mot Orlando


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