A dig in the archive!


I often think about new subjects to write about on my page, but sometimes I glance back and read through what I have published before. Through my blog stats I can see that some of the articles are frequently read so I thought about posting the links to the most popular articles in one post. Enjoy!

Inside is important
Inside is like the most important street in the game of Monopoly, you really want to be in control of it, and you definitely don’t want your opponent be in control!

What basketball skills takes a player to the next level? Part 1: The shot
I believe that this skill is the most important one of the offensive skills a player can master. Maybe the shot is not the most important when you are on a certain level but when trying to reach the next level when physique and speed becomes more significant a player without the skill of shooting is way more easy to break down.

What basketball skills takes a player to the next level? Part 2: The defense
Is this just something coaches say to make players work on their defense because a  lot of coaches like defense? I would say that the main reason defense is important is that a player who moves up has first to adapt to the speed in the practise and the new group and at the same time to stay on the floor.

Modern day basketball
The game is much faster and everyone on a team needs to be able to run and move. As the game has become faster the reaction time and the time for decision-making has decreased. This is why in modern day basketball you very seldom see fakes anymore. There is simply no time to make fakes, either you are open to take the shot or you have to drive to the basket or to find the next pass. The modern players read situations before they occur and react in a flow.


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