Which coach are you? Devil or Angel?


Sefu Bernard writes on his web page The LLaBB about coaching types and about different ways of communication as a coach.

The first post at Sef’s page shows the two coaching styles – Devil or Angel. The two different characters have a  couple of words explaining there characters:

  • The Angel: Enthusiasm, Praise, Fun, Patience
  • The Devil: Shout, Criticize, Bully, Win Win Win

My personal belief in this subject is that a good coach has the knowledge to move between acting as an ‘Angel’ and a ‘Devil’ depending on the situations and which state of mind of the players and the team. A good guidance to follow as a coach is “to show the face your team needs”.

In the post about Coaching Communication Styles he breaks down different communication styles and together with examples and a chart it helps the reader in the subject. Sef summarize:

The truly great teacher-coaches move seamlessly between the different types of communication: tell & repeat, question & listen; and, collaborate. This is the art of coaching rather than a science.

There’s a time for telling. A time for questioning. And, a time to collaborate. Become a master communicator and you’ll be well rewarded with how much more you’ll be able to yield from your athletes.

Sef is a master of posting interesting subject on his page and you can find the link to his page on the right side of my web page.


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