Jonas Jerebko started against the Grizzlies


Jonas Jerebko started in the game last night against the Grizzlies and reached 12 points and 4 rebounds. The Pistons fell short and lost the game, 94-115. In Jerebkos last games he has had 6 points and 6 rebounds (11 Oct vs Atlanta), 9 points and 9 rebounds (13 Oct vs Washington), 8 points and 6 rebounds (15 Oct vs Dallas) and last night 12 and 4. According to the stats he is getting more and more acclimatized in the NBA and it will be very interesting to follow his and his team’s performance when the regular season starts.

I looked at the beginning of the game vs Dallas. The game started 2.30 CET so I only managed to stay awake for the first quarter. But I remember one offense where Jonas was setting 5 screens on and off the ball. He was moving all over the floor and then he went for the rebound and made a defensive player touch the ball out of bound giving them a second chance in offense. Looking at this situation its quite significant for Jerebko’s game. He didn’t even touch the ball but he was so active and never stopped moving and playing. This is a great skill and it’s a pleasure to watch him play.

Today in the day I visited Jonas Jerebko’s home club Marbo Basket in Kinna in the west parts of Sweden. Look at the Club Logotype below and how they have integrated the NBA logotype to show that they have produced an NBA player. I watched a game from the 3rd league (Sweden, Division 2 West) where the Marbo/Borås team is trying to advance to the second league (Sweden, Basketettan). The club already has a team in the first league (Sweden, Basketligan), Borås Basket. There were a lot of young talents on the floor and of course interesting to see them play. I also had a chance to talk some to Jonas father Chris about Jonas and his performance in the NBA.


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