Euroleague TV


I signed up for this season’s games on Euroleague TV. All 180 games are included in the season pass. Tonight the qualification for the last two spots in this years Euroleague will be decided. Gone after the first round of qualification are already Aris, Le Mans, Ventspilis and Spirou.

In the second round the teams play each others home and away and the results from the first round are:

Benetton Basket 73 – 82 Entente Orleanaise

Maroussi BC 79 – 70 Alba Berlin

Tonight the French team from Orleans hosts the Italian team from Treviso. The home team has a margin of loosing the game with 8 points and still make it to the Euroleague. A loss with 9 points to the Treviso team will take the game into overtime and a loss with 10 points or more and they will loose the spot.

In the other game, played on Sunday the 11/10, Alba Berlin will host Maroussi and the margin is a 9-point win for overtime and a 10-point win to seal the Euroleague spot for the Germans.


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