The ‘Swedish Slam’ versus Miami Heats


Jonas Jerebko and his Pistons won last night in Detroit against Dwayne Wade’s Heats in the pre-season premiere. The result was 87-83, but the Pistons were up with 15 points in the middle of the game. I followed the game on the web radio of The Ticket 97.1,, which is a Detroit sport channel. From the article above is a quote from Coach Kuester:

“You’re going to win by playing defense,” [Coach] Kuester said. “I know we’re in the preseason, but I was very proud of a lot of the guys for the way they performed. It’s a work in progress right now at both ends, but defensively at times we were outstanding.

Jonas was introducing himself in the first half as he threw down a ‘Swedish Slam’. The high-light video was up on the web just a few minutes later, ‘Swedish Slam’ on Ben Gordon penetrated down the lane and found Jonas stepping in on the baseline.

Jonas had 3 fouls in the first half but came back a couple of times in the second half. But with five minutes to go and the Pistons up with about 10 points Jonas and Jamaal Magloire got caught with each others under the Miami basket. Jonas got his fifth foul which was followed by a sixth foul as he got ejected of the game together with Magloire. In the article linked above ‘Strong Start’ you can read at the end:

The Pistons like the feistiness of Swedish rookie Jonas Jerebko, and he lived up to the reputation by picking up six fouls in 12 minutes and drawing an ejection, along with Miami’s Jamal Magloire, with 5:04 remaining when they got tangled up under Miami’s basket, went down hard and roughed each other up.

Listening to the commentators on the web radio the situation didn’t sound so severe. Jonas was trying to get a loose ball and picked up a foul. But the result was two ejections and some blood, so it must have been quite rough at least.

No matter how you look on the situation, Jonas sure has made an impression after one game.

On Wednesday the Pistons play against Milwaukee Bucks, 7.30 US Eastern Time.

In the Swedish News Paper Aftonbladet you can read about how Jonas starts the game with a monster dunk but finishes the game with an ejection.


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