Eurobasket ’09 – Spain Champions!


What a performance last night as Spain cruised through the Gold Medal Game against Serbia. Already in the first half they were up with 20 points and actually it more or less felt that the game were over. This Spanish Team has changed during the Eurobasket and really felt like champions as they cruised through the play-off. The way they played, with intensity on defense and with a great running game maybe the other teams just didn’t have the stamina to keep it up against them.

This years Eurobasket was very interesting to follow. As long as the competition it’s great when there are so many teams that can go all the way. I believe all 8 teams in the quarterfinals could have won it all. But that’s the beauty, every game has it’s own life and it’s more or less impossible to know before a game who will be the winner.

I remembered the game in the group stage between Serbia and Spain when Serbia beat Spain big-time. Both teams were running all game long. The intensity was so high but the players just kept playing. Yesterday in the final it was the other way around on the score board, but the game was still intense. Sure, there were some signs of fatigue on some players, but they were still running and playing a modern day type of basketball.

During this championship we have also seen how modern day basketball has evolved. I have spoken about the term before – Modern Day Basketball –  but it all comes down to that. The game of basketball keeps evolving and this year when some star players weren’t playing other younger talents, players of the future took more place and showed everyone that they deserve to be on this level. The game is so much faster and everyone – EVERYONE – can run and move like a basketball player.

I have heard a lot of people saying that they don’t think the players are so tall anymore and it’s not until you see the players around regular people you see that they actually are really tall. This is interesting because in our minds we judge how tall they are from the way the play and behave on the floor. Most of us then believe they are not as tall as they are because they move like shorter and faster players. This, all readers, shows how the game is evolving faster than most of us out in the basketball world is aware of.

In my next post I will dive deeper into “Modern Day Basketball” and “Modern Day Players”.


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