Many coaches, basketball people and people from other sports both in Sweden and outside of Sweden have asked me about the program we do in the Swedish National Teams to warm up and prevent injuries. In the Swedish Coach Educations the federation has put “Basketsmart” on the courses to spread it out in our basketball nation. The project “Basketsmart” is made by Fysio Jörgen Sandberg, the women’s NT Fysio and a key instructor in the National Team Program.

I think Basketsmart is an excellent way of warming-up for players in all ages.  The whole program is a development of “Knee control” made a few years ago. In Basketsmart the basketball is a part of the exercises making it more fun for the players to do these type of exercises. Lately Basketsmart has been developed into Basketsmart 2nd Level (“Stegring” in Swedish) which makes the whole program into two different programs à 15 minutes.

The key in all excersises are knee control and core stability. What I like the most is that it combines warming-up with good excercises for knee-control and core stability and at the same time includes some strength work-out. The last excercises have change of speed to make the players alert before entering the next part of the practise session.

Some exercises to mention are for example:
– regular squats
– dribbling forward 2 and 2 and jumping and hitting each other shoulder to shoulder before a controlled landing
– one leg squats while dribbling the ball forward
– one leg jumps combined with a reaction to a sprint or a slide.

The videos on “Basketsmart (Svenskbaskettelevision.se)” are in Swedish but I believe everyone else will understand the excerices by looking at the video. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll try to find an answer to your questions. I wish you all good luck!


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