Men’s U18 NT wins gold in Sarajevo


The year with the Men’s U18 National Team is now ended, and what a year it has been! The team has really been developing during the year. The results we achieved together was a huge step for Swedish Basketball as our U18 NT won the European Championships Division B and at the same time advancing to the Division A for the upcoming year (09/10).

EM-Guld Sverige HU18

In Sarajevo we won against Finland, Slovakia, Iceland and Poland in the group. The second round we added games against Estonia and Bosnia and with a 6-0 straight record we challenged England in the semi final. The semi final is the game to win to advance to the Division A and we succeded with this. In the final we played against Poland and stayed perfect as the gold medal was brought to Sweden.

It’s the first time in 21 years a youth team on the men’s side advance to the Division A (top division) and all of us involved are of course very proud of being a part in this achievement.

Like in all good teams every player is important and everyone adds to the team. This was a big strength of our team. In Sarajevo we were also very happy that two of our players got individual awards. Andreas Person and Christopher Czerapowicz both got a place in the All-Star Team , giving them a ticket to a All-Star U18 Camp in Poland during the European Championships (Mens NT) in September. Christopher was awarded with MVP title and I am very happy for his success.

I wish our U16 NT all the best of luck in Portugal as they are fighting for our blue and yellow colours in the European Championships Division B Men’s U16.


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