Great article about development of the big man

Mike MacKay works at the Canadian Basketball Education and development. On his blog there is an article about development of the big man. The article starts with wrapping up some clinic notes from Ettori Messina and the importance of having in mind to cope the technically, physically and mentally development of a player.

I found big interest in the breaking down of posting up on the line and not in a specific position. “The line” means the the line between the passer and the basket. In the article there are also some interesting suggestions of how to handle contact in the paint.

I’m wrapping this post up with a final quote from this article:

Strategies and tactics will only work for one or two games. Teams will adjust. When you improve your individual players, they will never forget. We all remember a coach you showed us something that had a major impact on our game. It was not a play; it was something that made an individual improvement in our game. When we build their confidence we allow them to play through mistakes.


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