Sweden on fire!

Sweden Women U18 had a great win last night against Russia, unbeaten before the game. Today they are in half-time up with 20 points probably giving them a 2-2 record when one game remains. I guess all depends if France keeps their winning-record but if Sweden win the last game against Spain they have a shot on a semi-final spot. That would be a great effort after going into the second round 0-2! No matter how they end up, they are definitely on fire at the moment!

We had a camp Sunday to Tuesday in Stockholm with our Sweden Men U16 team which gave us lots of answers before the tournament in Croatia next week and the upcoming European Championships (B-divison) in Bosnia later in August. A few days off and then back together this Sunday before we head down to Crikvenica in Croatia to play Croatia, Israel and Netherlands.

These last 6 months has really developed the players. It’s so interesting to compare them how they have developed from young boys to young men and how they as individuals and us as a team play better and better basketball.


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