Great days in Treviso

Something is very special with these few days in the little town of Treviso close to Venice. During the last couple of days the Reebok Eurocamp took place with 50 of the most interesting young men of European basketball in front of the eyes of NBA and Euroleague scouts and GM’s. I had the opportunity to be there to look at practises, games and to talk to basketball people.

From Sweden we had two players among the great players aiming for the NBA. Both did well. Rudy Mbemba, this year leading Solna Vikings to the Swedish championship, did a stable performance and has improved his leadership on the floor. He really finds easy and smart solutions most of the time. Last year he maybe played more fancy and had more “wow” assists but this year he set up his players so easily even though the defensive pressure was very high. He didn’t stay the whole camp but left overseas on Monday for more NBA-workouts.

Our second swedish player, Jonas Jerebko, has improved a lot last couple of years. From 2nd division in Sweden (Borås -06), to Plannja Basket (champions 06/07), to A. Bella, Lega A this season, not many knew about this 6’9″ player from Sweden. But Jonas really grew during the camp. Coach David Blatt was talking during his lecture about the importance of having a game. Jonas has a game. He is a very active player, going for rebounds and loose balls, moving without the ball and always with the hands and his body in good positions in defense. Just looking on a stat sheet might not say so much about him, but seeing him play does. In the all-star game against the Ukraine Men’s NT he had a great second half and he was a key player in the come-back for the young players as they won a very intense and tough game!

Basketball is evolving very fast and I’m very happy I’ve brought back influences of what is going on in top basketball of the world today. I’ve met a lot of basketball people; agents, scouts, coaches and GM’s and bringing all these ideas and energy back feels really good. In a few days our next NT camp with Sweden Men U16 takes place. Guess if I’m inspired to get down on the floor and start working!


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